Sisters win judges with “All About That Bass” scoring over 5 million views

Music is universal, no matter where you are in the world, you can count on there being music.

Because of this, there are extremely talented people all over the world who are just waiting for their moment to shine.

That moment came for these two sisters on Israels Got Talent, when they performed ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainor and nailed it.

These sisters sing an amazing cover of the Meghan Trainor song ‘All About That Bass’ on Israels Got Talent

It starts off with the two sisters back to back, their outfits are adorable!

They have on 50’s style dresses, one pink and one yellow, matching white shirts and shoes, and custom headbands to match their skirts.

When the popular song ques, the voices of little angels start streaming through the speakers.

You can tell right from the beginning that these sisters have some serious talent.

When the first verse starts, the older sister takes the lead and her vocal range is impressive.

The two sisters sing the first chorus together until the verse starts and the big sister takes the lead, with her little sister backing her up.

They sing the hit song to with such enthusiasm and complement each other very well.

In the middle of the song, the older sister unleashes some high notes that practically knocks one judge out of his seat. that’s when I think they realized, these girls are phenomenal.

Hitting notes that most adult singers couldn’t hit, the young girls continued to shine with their cover.

Meghan Trainor would be proud, the young sisters cover her song to a tee, they might even give her a run for her money.

The little sister is so graceful with her movements, she’s a natural-born performer.

Throughout the song, both sisters showcase their talent, reaching unbelievable notes.

Their mother is happily smiling as she watches the performance, and the older daughter is a spitting image of her!

The judges cant believe their ears, these kid sisters are brilliant singers.

You can see it on all the judge’s faces, they can’t believe those voices are coming out of two kids.

I don’t think these girls will have any problems getting through to the next round.

The talented singers’ go back and forth singing ‘All About That Bass’, I’m sure the fact that they’re sisters helps, they’ve been practicing together their whole life.

The talented sisters get a standing ovation from the judges and the whole crowd.

The reaction from the judges speaks for itself, they all jumped to their feet and cheered for the young girls.

The crowd also gave the sisters a standing ovation, it’s so cool to see every single person in the crowd stand to support the talented singers.

These two girls are wonderful singers, clearly, they’re going places.

The best part, the sisters get to share the experience with each other! To see this amazing performance, watch the video below!

Enjoy their fun packed performance below!

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