Simon asks “Is this serious” but ends up on feet applauding Golden Buzzer

Dancing is an amazing art form, it makes people feel free and alive.

It’s universal, anywhere you go in the world, there will be some form of dancing.

Many people do it just for fun, but some people take it very seriously, practicing until they’ve perfected their craft.

The dream for the serious dancers is to get their dancing to a level where they can be paid to do what they love.

These dancers on Brittain’s Got Talent, wow the judges with their dance moves and even earn the coveted Golden Buzzer for their performance.

This acrobatic dance group turns up the heat.

As they come to the stage people assume they’re a boy band, Simone Cowell asks “what are you going to sing?” When they tell Simon they’re actually.

Dance group, the unimpressed judge says”is this serious?” It’s understandable why he’d ask that because they call themselves “Boyband.”

Little did Simon know, this wasn’t the average dance group and they were about to impress everyone in the room.

Their synchronicity is remarkable, right from the go the dance group lights up the stage.

All as one, the dance group busts out an amazing routine to the popular Bruno Mars song, “Uptown Funk.” It’s the perfect blend of choreography and freestyle dancing.

Throughout the routine, the dancers showcase a variety of different techniques, including an all-time favorite, break dancing.

The crowd and the judges love them! Right when you think it can’t be any better, the acrobatic flipping starts.

Out of nowhere, the dance group starts showing us what sets them apart from the rest. Like ninjas in war, they start flipping every which way, every member of the group turns into a flying gymnast.

Backflips, front flips, barrel rolls, this group does it all.

They defy gravity with their moves, at one point they at least jump 5-ft in the air while doing the splits.

This is one of the best dance groups to enter the stage and it just gets better and better.

The crowd can’t get enough of the dancers and they’ve definitely won Simon Cowell over.

They’ve got some serious hops, at one point they jump high enough to clear an adult, all while doing splits and tucks.

As they close out the routine, another flurry of flips makes the crowd roar.

The dance group gets a standing ovation from all 4 judges, that’s when the hosts of the show run out and hit the golden buzzer

The crowd goes absolutely crazy when the performance is done, all four judges jump out of their seats to give the dancers a standing ovation.

The hosts of the show run out from backstage to press their golden buzzer!

This is special because they only get one per season and it automatically guarantees they’ll move on.

These dancers put on a spectacular show, to see it for yourself watch the video below!

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