She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Face, What Happens In 15 Minutes Will Surprise You!

Surely you did not know, aloe vera is known for its medicinal properties and this medicinal plant also the properties that help you have smooth and glowing skin without having to invest a lot of money in cosmetic products. All you need is to try the following simple trick to get beautiful skin as you always dreamed of.

This method is easy and natural, you only need one ingredient (aloe vera). You will surprise with the results!

This is what you should do:

– Step 1: Wash thoroughly.
Without peeling the plant, wash it very well with water. Use clean water, as the blade can be dirty.
– Step 2: Smooth it out.
You can smooth the sheet by tapping it. You can use a roller gently.
– Step 3: Break it in two.
After smoothing the sheet, you need to cut it in two. Don’t cut too large a portion, as you can use the other half for the next application. So cut only the amount that you are going to use.
– Step 4: Cut the edges.
To peel the leaf, you must first cut the thorny edges using a utility knife. Cut off both edges so the sheet is easy to peel off.
– Step 5: Open it in two.
With the edges already removed, you should slit the sheet with your hands. If it doesn’t open easily you can use the knife.
– Step 6: Scrape the pulp.
With a spoon, scoop out the pulp from the leaf. Scoop out as much pulp as you can so nothing is wasted by placing it in a container.
– Step 7: Spread all over the face.
Using your fingers, apply the aloe vera pulp all over your face. You can even use the same sheet to spread it over your face. Let the mask dry and keep it for 15-20 minutes.
– Step 8: Wash your face.
When the mask is dry, you can try to tear it off the face. Then wash your face with clean water. Do not use soap or chemicals to wash it, as this would defeat the purpose and purpose of using this remedy.

Now that you know the great benefits of this simple and natural mask, go ahead and try it and recommend it.


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