Server Can’t Hold His Tears on Seeing Restaurant Manager Carrying a Stranger’s Child

A father of two and manager at Cracker Barrel went viral for his empathy and act of kindness towards two customers

When we decide to go to a restaurant, all we expect is to relax in a unique, friendly place, with kind and easygoing staff, where the food is great and the atmosphere is great. time, quite pricey. Eating out at a restaurant or club is a pleasure in its own right, and it would be even more enjoyable if its owners showed unexpected and completely surprising gestures of kindness and generosity. …

This happened some time ago at a restaurant in America, when two elderly people walked into an evening with their grandson. Most likely because they were so tired from the very long journey they had to face on the highway, they sat down at the table and were completely exhausted. At that point, all they wanted was to eat a hot meal and have a drink so they could regain their spirits and face the long journey back home. Even the grandson they were traveling with was tired and sleepy, so the old couple ate while holding the grandson while he slept.

The manager’s kindness

Cracker Barrel’s manager, Doug, saw the struggle and decided to go the extra mile for them. As a father-of-two, Doug knew the feeling of balancing eating and tending to a child quite well.

He walked towards the guests and politely offered to hold the child while they enjoyed the food. The couple were undoubtedly grateful for the help and quickly ate the excellent food.

This was a gesture of rare kindness that did not go unnoticed. A restaurant employee immortalized the moving scene of his manager, Doug, holding the sleeping baby in his arms. The photo was published on Facebook and it immediately reached hundreds of thousands of users, touched by this simple gesture of kindness and generosity by Doug, the owner of this special restaurant.

Meanwhile, an employee witnessed his manager’s act of kindness and shared about the incident on Facebook. He wrote on the post:
“This is one of the best managers I’ve ever had. In the midst of our 2nd shift tonight, we had this couple come in with their sleeping grandchild. While Doug was checking on all the tables, he saw they were trying to balance holding him and eating, at the same time. This man proceeded to ask to hold the baby, so they could fully enjoy their meal. This brought tears! Definitely a wonderful man and great daddy—he has twins! You don’t see such kindness very often, anymore! This is my manager at Cracker Barrel.”

Doug isthe boss who has been a great example to his employees as well as touched the lives of those around him.

Doug has definitely set the standards high for being good leaders. Hopefully, their stories can inspire others to do the same.

What a wonderful gesture, don’t you think?,,

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