Say goodbye to foot, knee and hip pain with these 5 exercises


Hip, foot or knee pain is one of the leading causes of chronic pain and millions of people around the world face these problems daily. The knees and hips are the largest joints in our body and they are responsible for the way we walk and stand. Pain in these areas, as well as in the lower back, shoulders and neck, could all come from the feet.

The pain can be treated with painkillers, minor surgical procedures, exercises or a combination of these. Fortunately, regular exercise is one of the most beneficial methods of relieving pain and accompanying symptoms.

Below you will find six of the best exercises to get rid of this knee, hips and foot pain!

1. Raised heel

– Take a chair. And stand behind the chair, resting your hands on the backrest to maintain your balance.
– Bend one leg backwards to form a right angle.
– Gently, rise on the tip of the foot remaining on the ground.
– Lower the heel to the ground slowly.
– Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times on each ankle. The goal is to engage the muscles around the knee and strengthen those around the ankle.

2. Tiptoe walking

All you have to do is walk about 15 minutes a day on tiptoe to strengthen the toes and calves. You can do this also by dancing (like ballet dancers) and thus awaken the dancer who is dormant in you.

3. Walking on tennis balls

It is the ideal exercise to relieve tension and solicit the soles of the feet.
– Take a tennis ball.
– Sit on a chair.
– Step on the ball.
– Gently roll the ball under the soles of the feet. Enjoy this massage that relaxes and stimulates at the same time.

4. Toe games

Stand straight and bend your toes (as if using your hands) to try to grab a towel, pen, or other objects on the floor. Repeat with both feet. This exercise will help you strengthen your toes.

5. Band of resistance

To perform this exercise, you need a resistance band .

– Hang the strip at the foot of a fairly heavy piece of furniture.

– Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you.

– Place one leg under the other, bending the knee slightly.

– Pass the foot of the leg which is located above in the elastic.

– Slowly pull the elastic by bringing your foot towards you.

– Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times for each leg. This resistance exercise is effective in toning the calf muscles and the internal and external muscles of the thighs.,

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