Rescue puppy with ton of fluid in his abdomen, People thought she was pregnant

 Deliverance pup with ton of fluid in his tummy, People allowed she was pregnant . 

 She had her xrays, blood samples and fluid analysis done. We’re awaiting results. For now the stagers are draining all the fluid buildup in her stomach. 

 The fluid is roughly further than 10 litres so far. Her bones have started to appear, alot of pain and discomfort has been released as the fluid is being drained and she seems at peace infact falling asleep. She’ll eventually sleep well after months of pain and suffering. 


 We’re still at the clinic with her and there are more and more pails filling up. We’ll keep you all streamlined about her. 


 Thanks to all for being there for her! You all joined hands and she was poured with love 🙏 ♥️ 

 (We ’ve named her fufy. This condition is known as ascites, it occurs due to liver or order failure and the fluids pile up in the tummy. Results will confirm farther opinion.)

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