Rescue Poor Dog who was found with her insides hanging out

 This poor pup saved by Deepika Srivastavva and Stray Dog SupportInc. 

“Four months agone, Meet Hope who was saved by Deepika Srivastavva after she was plant as a bitsy pup with her inwards hanging out. 


 She was just laying there helpless and crying out in pain. When she was plant she was only estimated at being 20 days old. We believe that someone had removed her from her mama and took her into an area where there were other road tykes. 

 Being territorial the tykes maltreated her and she was left to die. Thankfully she was plant and rushed to the sanitarium where surgery was performed to put her stomach back in. 

Hope is now around 4-5 months old and she’s doing amazing. Her name Hope is really applicable for her as she’s just filled with pledge and we’re so thankful that she indeed survived. 



 Please continue to partake our story so we can help further tykes like little Hope.”

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