Recipe for the oldest cure against menstrual pain

In the past, when there were no pharmacies present, where usually people nowadays can get any kind of cure for 24 hours daily, folk medicine was the only thing present for reducing bad symptoms of PMS. We now will present you the most efficient and oldest remedy which will reduce your pain better than any pill.

Coating from castor oil against menstrual pain:


– Castor oil
– Hot water bottle
– Cotton cloth


– Step 1: Apply from the castor oil on you lower back, stomach and ovaries and make sure that the layer is fat.
– Step 2: Lie on your stomach and cover your fatty part with cotton cloth.
– Step 3: Put the hot water bottle on the cloth and leave it to act for 15-2 minutes.
– Step 4: Remove the hot- water bottle and let the cloth to soak up the whole oil.

This coating can alleviate PMS symptoms, cramps and abdominal pain.


Place the coating exclusively on the back because the hot water bottle can be too much aggressive for the ovaries. Hot water bottle can be put on the stomach only if it is not too much hot.

This coating as I previously said besides helping with menstrual problems can also help with indigestion, arthritis and poor circulation.


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