Reasons why women will still choose to stay with chєαting husbands

Reasons why women will still choose to stay with chєαting husbands

1. Fear of being alone

Most women stay with chєαting husbands because they fear being alone. Fear of being alone can result from a traumatic or frightening childhood experience. Other causes are insecurity, neediness, anxiety or depression.

2. Children

Women will still choose to stay with chєαting husbands to protect and properly raise their children, especially if they would not be allowed to go with the children. Even if they are unhappy in the man’s house, they still prefer to stay than live in luxury outside his home. A psychologist, Prof. Oni Fagboungbe says, “If the woman already had children with the man, she tends to feel that her absence in that house would expose her children to мαℓtrєαтмєnт and they would suffer, especially if the man marries another woman. So, women tend to stay, just to look after their children, and that is the consolation for them.”

3. Financial reasons

Some women have no choice but to stay with a chєαting man for financial reasons. If the man is the main breadwinner, his wife may feel powerless to leave because she can’t afford living expenses on her own. Sometimes chєαting husbands use finances to control their wives and keep them totally dependent on them.

4. Societal díscrímínαtíσn

According to a report on Huffington Post, one other reason women tend to stay with chєαting husbands is societal perception. In a bid to avoid being the subject of gossip and unpleasant reference among friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours and even siblings, some women have had to put up with chєαting husbands.

5. Planning revenge

For some who least expect their husbands to chєαt on them, marriage counsellors also found that getting back at the man could be a way to assuage the betrayal. In fact, previous studies have found that one of the reasons women chєαt is revenge. Thus, some women who feel betrayed by a chєαting man could resort to (discreet) chєαting to feel better. To them, if the man does his and they do theirs, there would be no problem.

6. Religious beliefs

The Bible says, “And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; Populate the earth abundantly and multiply in it.” Some men take this verse literally to justify fathering children outside their marriage. Some women may not agree with outside babies, but their religion prohibits them from filing divorce. Divorce is unacceptable to God in many religions except under certain circumstances such as αdultєry or cruelty.

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