Pregnant waitress serves cop then finds a note from him on the check

Pregnant waitress serves cop then finds a note from him on the check

A New Jersey police officer left a very generous tip for a young woman who is seven months pregnant with her first child, after she served him lunch at a diner.

When first time mommy Courtney English, 23, was in the eighth month of pregnancy, she was doing her best to earn enough money for the big arrival. So, no matter her condition, she still worked her usual job as a waitress at the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey.

As the local Voorhees County police officer entered the place on a busy Friday, the first thing he noticed was that the woman who served him was pregnant. He though she didn’t have it easy standing on her feet during the long shifts. The two engaged in a casual chat and after finishing his meal, the officer asked for the check.

Courtney said she didn’t talk much with the officer, but that she thought he may have overheard her telling someone else it was her first baby.

What he did next quickly went viral all for the right reasons. His bill came to $8.75, but the tip he left was way bigger. Besides giving Courtney a generous tip of $100, he also wrote a message on it, and now everyone who has seen it is deeply touched by the officer’s action.

On the check he wrote, ‘Enjoy ur 1st, you will never forget it,’ and then left it at the cash register without a word about it.

She also said she thought he may have seen her struggling throughout her work, due to how far along she is in her pregnancy.

‘I’m just really grateful for this officer’s kindness,’ Courtney told Patch. ‘It’s truly a blessing to come across people like him and I’m forever thankful for that.’

Courtney’s reaction was very sweet.

She just couldn’t believe someone could be so kind and generous, so she rushed to her boss with tears of joy in her eyes.

It was her father who though his daughter’s story was worth sharing it with the whole nation. Needless to say, everyone is praising the officer who wanted to remain anonymous.

The server’s father, Brian Cadigan, shared a photo of the tip on Facebook on Saturday, praising the ‘lovely message’ and the officer’s incredibly kind gesture.

In a testament to the selflessness of his good deed, the officer has asked to remain anonymous.

Brian Cadigan shared a lengthy message about his daughter’s encounter over Facebook on Saturday, and how he was sharing the story to highlight the good work these people do in our communities, when all too often police officers make the news for negative things.,

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