Photo of Homeless Mom and Son Playing by the Road Touches Netizens’ Hearts

Photo of Homeless Mom and Son Playing by the Road Touches Netizens’ Hearts

A mother’s love knows no bounds – and a mother will always love her children no matter how old they might already be or what circumstances they are in.

Take for example this homeless mom who was spotted playing with her son by the road. The bittersweet photo has touched netizens’ hearts.

This was how Facebook user Ameniel Del Mundo described his reaction on seeing a mother and child happily playing on a traffic island as he was driving through on Airport Road under the NAIA Expressway in Parañaque

Del Mundo told that he was stuck in traffic last Tuesday, April 9, while grappling with work issues on his mind when he spotted the mother and child.

“I was stressed by some issues in my business when I saw the child playing with his mom and the mother grabbed the child and played with him as well,” Del Mundo said in an interview via Facebook Messenger on Saturday. “The two were playing happily at the island while I was grumbling about my situation inside the car.”

The scene made him snap back to reality and change his mood. He took a photo of the two, captioning the picture with, “Proof that happiness is a choice.”

The photo went viral, with many netizens admiring the little family for being happy despite their situation. It might have only been a brief moment of happiness, yet it really shows that you can really find happiness anywhere and everyone. It does not matter if you are poor or rich, you can still be happy.

Del Mundo, however, said he did not have a chance to talk to both the mother and son as he was stuck in traffic.

“They might be moving around since I tried to came back on Friday and Saturdays, but they were nowhere to be found, will come back this week since I remember their faces very well,” Ameniel said.

As of press time, he still has not found the family but hopes to find them soon.,

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