Only Couples That Stay Madly In Love Have The Following Habits

Only Couples That Stay Madly In Love Have The Following Habits

All of us know that relationships are a lot of work. In the beginning, everything seems so easy. The honeymoon period fades, though, and relationships become more about communication and compromise. Not all relationships are destined to be together forever, but many are capable of overcoming the years. Couples who stay in love for years practice some of the same core habits.

Here Are 10 Habits of Couples Who Stay Madly in Love

1. They have meaningful conversations.

Couples who stay together take time to conversate stay together. And I don’t mean small talk or little conversations here and there. I mean couples who talk with each other about everything.

2. They fight productively.

A lot of people assume if you fight with your partner, then the relationship is not good. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The difference is in how you fight. If you fight with contempt, then yes, it is likely the relationship is doomed. But, if you fight with the goal of overcoming the obstacles in front of you, then it’s likely the relationship will stand the test of time.

3. They set their ego aside to settle disputes.

In a long-term partnership, you cannot have two egos who are constantly clashing. Instead, you must be able to put your egos aside and seek to serve the partnership rather than simply your own interests.

For the majority of people, this can be quite difficult at first, but as you get to know one another and work on this together, it can be learned.

4. They hold similar values.

You NEED to share values in order for a relationship to endure. Yes, it’s wonderful to share interests in other areas, but sharing core principles is far more crucial if you want to build a successful future with your partner.

5. They play on the same team.

Another thing that can make or break a relationship is whether or not you approach your relationship as a team. You can either fight against each other, or fight together as a team for your relationship to last.

6. They don’t swarm one another.

You don’t have to spend every waking hour with your lover to demonstrate your love, despite what can seem counterproductive. Instead, you must discover ways to continue to preserve your own identity and life, separate from your partnership. The version of yourself that your spouse fell in love with in the first place will be lost if you merge into them and stop being who you are.

7. They stow away petty jealousy and obsession.

Couples that are constantly jealous and obsessed over their partner don’t typically last. If they do, it’s a total nightmare, so who wants that?

8. They show appreciation.

It might seem like your partner should just know how much you appreciate them. However, you both have to show one another that you appreciate them. You can do this through acts of love, or you can literally tell them and communicate to them how you appreciate them.

9. They adapt to change.

Things are going to change outside of your relationship because the world is always changing. Couples that learn to adapt will inevitably stand against those odds and find a way to overcome those changes and stay together.

10. Intimacy goes beyond just the physical.

Intimacy is not just pleasure. Find ways to bare your soul to your partner. Make out with them, snuggle with them, tell them about your secrets and make a real effort to be truly intimate with them.

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