Only 3% Of People Can Find The Hidden Demon But Can You Solve This?

This puzzle is all about challenging yourself and we’re curious to see how far you’re willing to go!

Here is a picture that’s super deceptive at first glance. But once you realize the theme, we know you’ll get it instantly. Scroll down below and let’s see what’s in store.

Source: Playbuzz


As creepy as this optical illusion looks, there’s a demon hiding in there somewhere. And believe it or not, only 3% of viewers could actually spot out where it was.

Hence, we’re now putting the challenge in front of you! Do you think you can give it a try?

Remember, you’ve got just ten seconds to complete it! Happy hunting!


Your time is up! Let’s see whether or not you managed to score correctly on this puzzle!

Who knew the flip side of the angel would disguise the demon? Congratulations to those who did it in the given time!

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