Only 1 in 10 People Can Spot The Christmas Tree In This Festive-Themed Scene! But Can You?

Today is another great day to put your observation and visual skills to the test with a fun-filled picture that you can share with your friends and family.

For this brainteaser, challengers must find the Christmas tree hiding in a festive-themed scene! But not many people can find it. What about you?

Let’s start! Take a look at the image below and see if you can spot the Christmas tree in this vibrant graphic.

The picture shows a festive-themed scene packed with many details to confuse viewers’ eyes.

Created by UK-based 247 Blinds, this brainteaser challenges people to find the Christmas tree among flowers and leaves.

What makes it difficult for most people is the similar shades of green, making it hard for viewers to spot the Christmas tree right away.

But have you found it yet?

If you have spotted the Christmas tree among the flowers and leaves, congratulations! You are one of the few people who managed to find it right away.

But if you’re still struggling, don’t worry as you can scroll down to view the answer. But make sure that you have already tried your best first! Consider taking another look at the image above and you might see the Christmas tree this time.

Pay more attention to the bottom right part of the image.

Want to give up? Scroll down to see the answer…

There it is! Let’s try another picture puzzle.

Can you find Santa and his naughty elf in this wintery scene?

Grand Central

The picture shows white Christmas trees and colorful trucks! But Santa and his naughty elf are also in the image. Have you spotted them yet?

Scroll down to view the answer…

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