One week after this couple adopted triplets, the doctor gave them some extraordinary news that changed everything

Like many hopeful parents, Sarah and Andy Justice tried to conceive for years but never had any success. That’s when they decided to contact an adoption agency. They were set up with a pregnant woman and it was arranged for them to adopt her child as soon as she’d delivered. That woman, however, would have quite the surprise in store for the young couple – or shall we say, ‘surprises’.

The woman whose child they were to adopt was not pregnant with just one child, not even two, but three! The trio were on their way and Andy and Sarah received the news with great happiness, adjusting their expectations. A short time after, the trio emerged into the world – Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth.

But this incredible saga doesn’t end here. Only a week later, Sarah started to feel something different and made an appointment with the doctor. The unbelievable came true…Sarah was pregnant. With twins! At this point we already thought that the story was not true, but these are the facts.

“We were incredibly lucky. If we had a little panic? Obviously. But we’re happy. We really felt that this was something special God wanted us to do, and sometimes, when you follow God’s will regarding, one thing often leads to something else,” Sarah said.

In just a few weeks the family grew from two to seven, with five babies under the age of one, with twins Abigail and Andrew joining the big family. According to the parents, they need 84 bottles and 300 diapers a week to take care of the little ones.

Watch the video about the couple’s amazing journey:

Cover Image Source: NinjaJournalist

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