Nurse sneaks into patient’s room, seconds later camera catches her kind gesture

Nurse sneaks into patient’s room, seconds later camera catches her kind gesture

It really warms my heart to read about kind people and good deeds.

We should really be giving these things the attention and coverage they deserve, instead of the negative stories.

Here is one such story, which Jeremiah Nichol was happy to share.

Compassion is one of the most important gifts you can bestow upon another person, especially when that person is sick or dying.

Jeremiah’s grandma lay d.y.i.n.g. He knew she didn’t have much time left.

She was staying in the hospital and needed help with everything.

Isabelle had been caring for Helen for weeks, and everyone knew that the end was near for the elderly woman. When Isabelle got the call on her day off that Helen was about to pass, she went above and beyond the call of duty by rushing to the woman’s bedside to sing her a song.

As Isabelle stroked Helen’s arm, she sang a beautiful hymn that seemed to soothe and calm the woman as she took her final breaths.

Jeremiah Nichol of Leavenworth, Kansas, saw firsthand how important it is to comfort someone during their final moments when he said goodbye to Grandma Helen as she lay in hospice care. Jeremiah took to YouTube to express his gratitude for all of the healthcare professionals who helped her, particularly one very special nurse aid named Isabelle.

“The daily compassion of unknown numbers of good health care workers goes unnoticed by many,” Jeremiah said. “Thank you for the gifts you share and the love for patients you bestow.”

Isabelle held Helen’s arm and asked if she could sing for her.

Luckily the whole thing was caught on film, so Helen’s family will never forget this special moment.

Nurses don’t get anywhere near the recognition they deserve. Doctors are often hailed as heros when they save lives in the operating room. But nurses take care of people on a whole other level.

Isabelle has such a big heart that she even came in on her day off to sing to Helen

Take a look at the video below to hear her beautiful voice:


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