Not only the hips, here are 5 other important things that every man loves in woman

Having a good body is extremely advantageous for females since it increases their chances of gaining the attention of a potential partner. It’s crucial to note, however, that a guy’s excellent looks alone will not be enough to convince him to fall in love with you and fantasize about spending the rest of his life in your company.

As a consequence, every girl thinks she can fool a man by the way she looks, and there is a common saying that the way you look defines how people approach you. Women also assume that as long as they have healthy curves and attractive legs, they are good to go.

However, this has lately been assumed to be a mistaken belief because most men today want more than hips and curves, and the 5 aspects that men are drawn to are listed below.

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1. Beautiful Voice.

Since every man loves a girl with a lovely and attractive voice, ladies with feminine voices have a greater chance of catching a man’s attention.

2. Working Step

Every stride a woman takes draws a man’s attention, and ladies who know how to walk magnificently and more carelessly appear to grab a man’s interest when each step she takes draws his attention.

3. Smiles.

Girlfriends that look to have a large grin on their cheeks are undeniably attractive. In contrast, research has revealed that the whiter the teeth are, the better the results are.

4. Hairstyles

Men are drawn to the way you clean up after yourself. A decent hairstyle gives girls a wonderful and distinctive appearance that draws men’s attention.

5. Clothes

Men’s tastes in terms of how women dress vary widely, but in general, a woman dressing sharply and appropriately draws a man’s attention.

The five basic things that men are drawn to but that girls ignore are mentioned above.


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