Not everyone has a cavity between lips and nose. Here’s what it means if you have it

One of the most interesting cavity that a human can have lies between the nose and the upper lip. The biologists have these questions for a long time: why the cavity appears and how?

In fact we are talking about the little cavity under the nose which goes to the edge of the upper lip. The exact name is philtrum. But what is this and why we have it?

According to available data, the explanation is connected with the way how the face is shaped during the growth and development, says IFL Science.

The philtrum points out the location of three different parts connected in one.

“On this place is located the connective point of the human face after the formation” – explains Doctor Michel Mosley.

The three major parts are meeting on the upper lip, forming a cavity named philtrum.

The development of the face is happening during the second or third month of the pregnancy, if by any chances the face is not formed in this period due to genetics or other reasons, than probably it would never happened

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