None Attended Student’s Graduation — His Teacher Takes Him Out To Lunch And Helps Him Save Up For Car

None Attended Student’s Graduation — His Teacher Takes Him Out To Lunch And Helps Him Save Up For Car 

Graduation is a time of new beginnings, and that is turning out to be especially true for one Bessemer teen.

Last month, Bessemer City High School teacher Dominique Moore took a graduate to lunch after noticing that his student had attended his graduation alone. Moore is currently helping the teen save up for a car.

On June 18, Bessemer City High School held its annual graduation ceremony. Dominique Moore was one of the teachers involved in coordinating the event. He was cleaning up after the festivities when he noticed one of his students sitting by himself. “I know his moods and I knew he wasn’t himself,” Dom told “I asked him, ‘Where are your people?’ and he was like, ‘Nobody’s here.”

Moore told him, “I expect big things from you and it’s going to be OK.‘’ But when the cleanup was finished, and the teen was still there, Moore learned the teen didn’t have a ride home, so he offered to take him.

Once in the car, Moore asked him if he was hungry and said he’d take him anywhere he wanted to go. At first, the teen suggested a popular spot for wings, but Moore had bigger things in mind.

They ended up at the Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed a hearty meal and dessert to celebrate the graduate’s achievement.

Later that evening, Moore took to Facebook to share a photo and some thoughts on the event and even shared his Cash App ID in the post ($mooredaeducator) for anyone who may want to be a “blessing” to this young man.

Before long, generous people—many of them strangers—had sent more than $5,000 in donations.

Moore took the teen to open a bank account with the money, and is also hoping to help him buy a car, and save up to attend college one day. “This baby needed a village and WE ARE HERE!” one user commented on the Facebook post. Another commenter volunteered to mentor the young man, saying, “I’m retired and I’d gladly donate 20 hours per week.”

“I’m feeling amazing, that so many people would bless him in the way they have,” Moore told GNN, nine days after he started the fundraiser, which has undoubtedly raised more money since the first report. “He has received a great deal of funds which have been turned over to a financial advisor.” Moore hopes that the story will remind all of us what is truly important and give hope to those who are struggling.

“We take people and life for granted. Even though we have bad, in this moment it shows that mankind is good.”

Did you have a teacher that changed your life? Tell us about them in the comments and pass this heartwarming story along.


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