No one turns up to 9 year old’s birthday – then, days later, mailman brings sack to his door

We all need friends in our lives. Sure, we see some more than others, and even then we might go too long a time without seeing them, but a true friend is always there, through thick and thin. Some friendships are literally for life.

Which is why grandmother Amelia was left devastated when no one showed up to her 9-year-old son’s birthday party, despite the fact he had invited 12 friends.

Yet there was a further twist in store. Just a few days later, the mailman arrived at little Gerald Hamilton’s house with a big bag.

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Gerald Hamilton had much been looking forward to his ninth birthday. With the help of his mother, he had prepped and sent out invitations for the party. Little did they know the day would end in sadness.

No shows

Despite Gerald having invited 12 of his second grade friends, not one of them showed up to his party.

“No one came,” Amelia, his grandma, explained to CBS News. “He’s just a kid who wants friends to play with.”

When asked how it felt on the day of the party, Gerald simply said: “Sad.”

Image source: Youtube / CBS

When Gerald was younger, he underwent a series of operations on his brain. As a result, he tends to learn things a little slower than some of his classmates. For Amelia, though, this only makes him more unique.

Surprised with gifts

When no one showed up to her grandson’s birthday party, Amelia got so angry that she sounded off in a long post on Facebook.

She had no idea her words would be shared by a great many people, leading to a twist in the tale that would quite literally turn things on their head.

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Hundreds of people across the country sent congratulatory cards and toys to Gerald. Famous sports profiles sent their well wishes, inviting Gerald to matches so he could enjoy a proper birthday celebration.

Gerald decides to give back

Before long, Gerald’s house was transformed into a playground. He didn’t have room to house all his new toys! So, with his heart set on doing the right thing, Gerald devised a plan.

This special little boy understood the importance of sharing and making others feel happy.

Image source: Youtube / CBS

Gerald heard tell of a class for kids with special needs being run at a nearby school.

Donates toys

The 9-year-old decided to go to their class and donate many of the toys he had received from kind and compassionate strangers.

“Enjoy your gifts,” Gerald told the class.

It doesn’t matter how we look, what religion we choose to believe in, what political stance we take. At the end of the day, a friend is a friend.

Gerald has already realized aged nine what it takes some people a lifetime to. His actions are inspiring and can certainly be learned from.

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