Newborn baby found abandoned in a Pizza box with Heartbreaking note about His Mum, Mayor Takes Responsibility for Expenses

A newborn baby has been found abandoned in a pizza box alongside a heartbreaking note from his grandparent.

The one-week-old boy was found on the footpath in Zacatecas, Mexico, last week.

A note read that the child’s mother had died during the birth and the grandparent could not financially support it.

Along with the baby was a note which would break the heart of even the strongest person. It said that the baby’s mother had passed away during childbirth. The note read: “Take care of my grandson. My daughter died while giving birth and I don’t have [a way] to support him and I hope he has a better life and God forgive me.”

Social services were contacted and the baby was taken to a local hospital for medical checks.

The discovery went viral on social media.

The Civil Protection agency announced on Facebook that the child had been found and they posted a picture of the note.

In a message, they said: “Life shapes you but it does not prepare you for situations like this.”

The note went viral online, catching the attention of Tlaltenango mayor Miguel Ángel Varelo Pinedo.

He shared it on his own social media profile and said he would personally be responsible for the child’s expenses.

“It’s sad to hear that a baby is abandoned due to a lack of financial resources,” he wrote last Thursday.

“This beauty was found today.

“Beyond the message, this is when we should show solidarity and take care of the baby.

“I’ll take care of the baby’s spending as long as it takes.”

He has requested someone from the region adopts the child.

The mayor confirmed yesterday that the baby has been christened Ángel Gabriel and baptised in honour of the people who live in Tlaltenango.

He has requested the governor of Zacatecas to ensure that the child is adopted by someone from the region, according to local media reports.

This story proves that even though humanity is meant to do great things, it can also help change lives through a small act.

The baby was left alone with no hand over its tiny head to save him from the wraths of the world but some strangers found Angel and made him reach the hands of the people who could help him out in some way.

This is the kind of positivity that can light up everyone’s lives even if it’s for a few minutes.,,

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