New dad discovers brother-in-law moved 10-year-old from crib and made him sleep in a stroller overnight

A new dad says his wife’s brother displayed some seriously bad judgment with their 10-month-old son. This dad was fuming and then took to Reddit to share the detailed story. Accordingly, the brother-in-law took the baby out of his crib and made him sleep in a stroller overnight. The matter became worse when the Reddit poster discovered it when he awoke to the sound of his crying baby — and caught his brother-in-law using the nursery to hook up with his girlfriend. Here is the full story:

“Me M37 and my wife F30 have a ten months old son and recently started sleeping in his own room. We live in a small apartment. My wife works for an marketing company and it requires her to go on trips at least once a month. She invited her 27 year old brother to stay with us for a few weeks since he lost his job and is incapable of paying rent- I didn’t think it was a good Idea since the place is small. She said he was okay with the couch and since he loves to spend time with his nephew then there shouldn’t be any problems.

I said okay and I helped him move his bags. My wife went on her business trip last week and it was just me, him, and my son in the apartment. He begged me to let his girlfriend come spend the night I have my reasons to decline. Since he talked about missing her and probably wanting to have s*x. I said no not on the couch. Period.

I went to sleep leaving him talking on the phone. At nearly 3:45 I woke up to the sound of my son crying. It was close I was confused. I walked out of the bedroom and saw my son in his stroller in the livingroom with his face covered in a blanket. I had no idea for how long he was there I yelled my BIL’s name and was very confused. I calmed my son down then I went to his room. Suddenly my BIL stopped me from going in saying his girlfriend was in there. I was livid. I asked what the hell she was doing there but I already knew. I started berating him loudly for getting my son out of his room and leaving him in the living room causing him to stress out. I told him to get out the room immediately. He begged me to let him and his girl stay inside til the morning. And take my son into my room

I kept arguing with him. And he and his girlfriend got out the room. And I made them wait til 7am to leave the apartment. And they did. He then called my wife basically saying that I kicked him out for suggesting that he bring his girlfriend over and take my son to sleep with me in the room while they have “some privacy” in his room

Since I tend to use the bathroom and the kitchen at 4am!. My wife thougt I handled it wrong despite explaining. Which led to an argument with her as well. The whole family-my inlaws called me a jerk for kicking him out and treating him like that. They said it was no big deal and that I made a scene over nothing. But I couldn’t help but feel mad at him and his girlfriend.

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I know that my wife’s been gaslit by her family nomatter how hard I explain I’m “in the wrong” as they say. And that’s because

My BIL told her another story and she believed him since he and I tend to disagree most of the time so she thought I was being unfair to him.

And 2) her family tried to downplay my anger and claimed I overreacted and gaslit my wife making her think the same.”

In the comments, a lot of Redditors found the whole story pretty ridiculous.

“This situation is so much more worse when you realize the BIL could’ve literally suffocated his baby,” one person wrote. “There’s a reason why babies shouldn’t sleep on strollers … a nap is okay, but a full night and a blanket over their head? This could’ve gone so much more worse.”

Another wrote: “They’re all very lucky the baby didn’t d.i.e from overheating or suffocation, or being injured from tipping the stroller over,”
“The entitled selfishness of BIL is what evil really looks like — literally prioritizing his own pleasure over the life, health and wellbeing of an helpless baby.”

A lot of people said they’d be furious if this happened to their baby.

“My son is 10 months old. If someone took him out of his cot and put him in his pram to sleep overnight I would be p—ed. If there was a blanket over his head I’d be ropeable and would pack their bags for them.”

Meanwhile, some people couldn’t believe the BIL’s response, either.


Source: Reddit

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