NEVER Talk About These Things In Front Of Your Man

When you are in your relationship, you may think that you all fit perfectly and you don’t need to avoid or accept stereotypical norms. However, there are a few things you should avoid discussing with your man.

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1. His dreams

As his partner, you should understand and believe in his dreams and extending support whenever required. If you can’t be extra-supportive, try not to belittle his dreams either.

2. Comments about his mother

It’s not uncommon for a woman to not get along with her guy’s mother, but take the smarter way out and avoid making any personal comments about her.

3. His friends

So you find one of his friends cute, in a very platonic, complimentary way of course, but you don’t need to throw that on his face. He might take it the other way round and things could get messy.

4. Your salary

You may both be individually secure, but this can be a dangerous area even for the most sheltered couples. Tread this particular area carefully.

5. Calling it quits

Arguments are part of relationships, threatening to leave after every little fight is not the wisest thing to do. This almost seems like you’re constantly looking for excuses to leave even if you’re not actually doing that.

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