Never Do These 8 Things On Empty Stomach

When you’re hungry or even hangry, you should avoid doing certain things to protect your physical and mental health.

An empty stomach means your body is eager to receive and absorb anything you put in it as well as your mind is largely focused on the need to eat, making it hard to make the right food choices or carry daily tasks efficiently.

In fact, what we do before eating can be as equally important as what we choose to eat due to the great impact it can have on our health.

With that said, below are the 8 things you need to avoid doing on an empty stomach, in addition to practical advice to help you deal with hanger.

01. Don’t Drink Coffee or Tea

You shouldn’t drink any coffee because that might result in heartburn and acid reflux. Make sure always to drink some water before anything else in the morning. Instead, you can add some cream or milk into your coffee, and that should help your stomach and provide you with some useful calories for the start of the day.

02. Don’t Eat Any Citrus Fruits

Certain fruits can be eaten on an empty stomach like banana or an apple. However, you should not eat any of the citrus fruits on an empty stomach. Grapes, oranges, sweet lime, etc. put you at a risk of acidity.

03. Don’t Consume Any Alcohol

Well if you consume alcohol on an empty stomach that goes directly to your bloodstream. That can widen your arteries and lower your blood pressure. To make it short, you can lose control over your actions.

04. Don’t Take Any Painkillers

Painkillers such as paracetamol, aspirin, etc. mustn’t be taken on an empty stomach. It can cause gastric bleeding and will also reduce the effectiveness of the medication. If you look inside the box of your medicine, you can find one small paper with all the necessary instructions.

05. Workout

Your body needs energy, but it all depends on you. If your body can handle a workout on an empty stomach, try it. But don’t sacrifice your form. If you don’t have enough energy when working out on an empty stomach, then eat something light and lift some weights!

06. Don’t Exercise on an Empty Stomach

If you wake up and immediately go out and start your workout your body will use your muscles for energy. You don’t want that. You need to have some new glycogen in your body, and that one comes only from the food you eat.

08. Labor

Food is your energy. If you don’t have enough energy when working, the results of your work will suffer. So make sure you have enough energy.

08. Grocery Shopping

It is in our nature to follow our guts. Therefore you shouldn’t go shopping on an empty stomach. If you do that, your gut will command you to buy some high-calorie food thanks to the hunger. So, make sure to eat before you go shopping.


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