Natural Remedy For Sagging Eyelids You Will See Results In 2 Minutes

We all want to have a beautiful face but even we do in time the skin starts to change due to the aging process or long-term lifestyle habits.

The eye area is the first place where signs of aging can be seen because of many factors like:

– normal cellular aging
– heredity issues
– diabetes
– stroke
– brain tumor
– Horner’s syndrome

The drooping eyelids make the muscles of eye tired, and drooping of eyelids appears. There are non-surgical options to rejuvenate a “droopy” upper eyelids like this natural remedy for sagging eyelids and hooded eyes.

All you need is -the white part of an egg that is very effective in making the skin firm and tighten.



– 1 egg white
– 1 cotton swab

How to prepare and use it:

– Step 1: Clean the eyelid with warm water and remove the makeup
– Step 2: Crack the egg and separate white part from the yolk
– Step 3: Mash the egg white to make a paste
– Step 4: Dip the cotton swab into the paste of egg white and hold it on your closed eyelid until the egg white dries and sticks to your eyelid


Repeat for a couple of times and then wash your face and eyelid with warm water and the results will be visible in a few minutes and can last for two days from the applying day.


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