My mother-in-law says she is trying to find time to spend with us on Valentine’s Day. What should I respond to this?

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. It’s considered a time for couples to spend time together and enjoy the romance and happiness.

However, one woman is getting trouble when her mother-in-law asks for spending time with her and her husband on this occasion. She took to Reddit to ask for advice.

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“My MIL messaged our family thread saying that they are available to babysit our 3 year old on Valentine’s Day.”, the woman wrote at the beginning of her post.

She and her husband responded that they weren’t planning on going out for Valentine’s Day as they would much rather go out to dinner any other day when a restaurant would be less chaotic. However, the mother-in-law replied in the way making the woman disappointed.

“She replied that they would come over and bring dinner for everyone (including my MIL herself, FIL and 30 yr old BIL) if we didn’t want to go out.”

Although her husband insisted on spending Valentine’s Day together as a couple and thanked for the babysitting offer from his mom, everything didn’t stop.

“My MIL responds that she is with FIL all the time and is just trying to find time to spend with us.”

The poster ended up her post by the words showing her feelings and asking other fellow Redditors for advice

“ON VALENTINES DAY. I can’t stand this woman. I don’t even know how to respond to this.”

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In the comment section, many users left their opinion.

“OP’s needs come first, avoid dramamongering, respect the flair, and don’t be an asshole. If your only advice is to jump straight to NC or divorce, your comment may be subject to removal at moderator discretion.”.

“Has either one of you tried telling her you want to spend the day as a nuclear family and can see her on another occasion? If not, why not?”

“OP I just had a thought, you could use embarrassment against MIL. Maybe remind her that Valentine’s Day is for lovers – I would ask MIL if she had some issue and saw DH as something other than a son? What other reason would she have for trying to insert herself?”

“I have no idea why they choose Valentine’s Day. Just yuck. Feels like they are trying to cockblock their son’s marriage- can’t let DIL enjoy a romantic day with her own husband. Can’t enjoy a romantic day with her own husband, FIL. Gotta be front and center ruining the mood.

I spent years with no interaction with my in-laws on Valentine’s Day. Suddenly I had a baby and MIL expected to be included. I just want to enjoy that without her.”

“The only response you need to give her is no thanks. No explanation needed. Each time she asks, no thanks. Again and again and again, etc!”

What would you advise this woman to do in this situation?

Source: Reddit

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