My girlfriend’s pregnant. I desperately don’t want a baby. She’s not listening to me. What should I do?

Dear anonymous father-to-be, our advice is that you support your girlfriend and don’t try changing her mind.

If you love her and want to spend your life with her, it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything – especially raising a baby together. As her boyfriend, you should be supportive without any conditions or stipulations.

A good boyfriend or partner would never ask their partner to do something they don’t want to when they see how much they really want it. Don’t be the kind of boyfriend who runs away at the first sight of responsibility when your girlfriend needs you to stand by her side the most.

Think about both of you instead of thinking about yourself. When deciding to date this woman and become intimate with her, you should’ve been prepared for the next steps to take place. You shouldn’t back away from those next steps because it just shows that you don’t really love your girlfriend.

Pregnant woman with ultrasound photo sitting on bed

There are countless negative stories of women raising their children alone because their partners weren’t ready for change – but change is important and it helps us grow.

Nothing good in life comes easy, a baby is a true blessing and you need to be excited about that and not scared of. In our opinion, it’s a big step, but relationships require major changes in order to work out and be healthy.

In short, we highly suggest you build up the strength to be a good and supportive boyfriend.

If you let this huge step make you change your mind about your relationship, it’s going to become common for you to run away from responsibilities – please support her and be there for her.

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