Mother is slammed after naming her baby son Lucifer

Mother who named her baby son LUCIFER reveals critics have warned he’ll be ‘bullied for life’ – but insists he’s not called after the devil because she’s not religious

A mum has spoken out after receiving backlash for the name she picked for her son after appearing on a TV debate criticising baby names.

Josie Barnes, 27, called into the debate on the Jeremy Vine show while they were discussing whether it was rude to criticise people’s choice of baby name.

She had called her seven-month-old son Lucifer and also has a six-year-old daughter with six middle names.

The mum-of-two from Plymouth said Lucifer popped into her head one day

She told Plymouth Live: “There wasn’t any inspiration for the name. I’ve looked at many baby books and I like unusual names. I don’t like having the standard names.

“I assumed I was having a girl so I picked a girl’s name because we are a very female-dominated family – I was going to call her Narnia, but then I found out I was having a boy.

“I like the names I like, it may not be right for other people. When I chose his name I knew people wouldn’t like it but it’s not up to them.

“I had a couple of family members saying ‘you can’t call him that’, but I said I’m not religious so it doesn’t stand for what other people think it stands for.

“But my dad knows what I’m like and that I like to be unique so he said that seems like you.”

Josie says she has received a lot of hateful comments since appearing on TV, but also received lots of messages of support from people who love her son’s name too.

She said: “I’ve had a lot of hate since being on Jeremy Vine but it still doesn’t change my opinion, I don’t regret choosing that name.

“I’ve had messages all day. I didn’t realise that one impulse phone call to Channel 5 would end up in me having so many.

“I do think people have a right to have an opinion – it’s mostly the older generation that don’t like it.

“I like the name because I like it, I don’t think it stands for the devil, in my eyes.

“If the devil was called something else, you wouldn’t like that name either. It’s about people’s mindset with the name.

“I’ve had people ask me why, but I say why not? The name is no different than Sarah or Dom.”

Since going public with her son’s name, opinion has been divided on social media.

One person wrote: “Going to bullied all his life. How sad” and another said “Poor lad”.

Opinion has been divided on social media.

One person wrote: ‘Going to bullied all his life. How sad’ and another said ‘Poor lad’.

Another was worried for her son’s future, saying: ‘Let Lucifer try and get a job with his name when he’s older. The mother has already cursed his future.’

However, others were in support of the name with one writing: ‘My son is called Lucifer nothing wrong with his name we love it.


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