Mother dresses up like a bride for her son’s wedding, so he throws cake in her face

Mother dresses up like a bride for her son’s wedding, so he throws cake in her face

Every woman’s biggest dream? Maybe their wedding day. This may not be for everyone, but it often happens that, from an early age, women fantasize about this auspicious day. Bad things don’t always turn out the way they imagined. Sometimes, in fact, it is precisely during important ceremonies, especially weddings, that the worst in people comes out – the most deceitful part of their personality.

Do you think this can’t be true because your wedding was so lavishly organized? The subject of the story we are about to tell you did not think of this, we promise!

We all know very well that, on the wedding day, the focus is on the bride. Stunningly beautiful in a white dress, a bouquet of flowers in her hand and a heart pounding with emotion… but what if your mother-in-law also dresses like you? What if she wears her old wedding dress to piss you off? We don’t think you’ll be very happy.

This is exactly what happened in this story. The bride’s story, posted on Reddit, reads:

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”My husband and I got married a few years ago, but I recently discovered this sub, and thought about how my lovely MIL wore her own wedding gown to our wedding. This woman was far far from the Jocasta type, and actually not much of an attention seeker, but she was a perpetual victim, and in her mind I had committed a grievous sin, when I vetoed the dress she wanted to wear to our wedding (color clashed, not MOG appropriate) I guess she thought she was getting some revenge on me.

She had gotten married a year and a half before us, so it wasn’t like she pulled some 80s wedding dress out of a box. This was actually gorgeous, thankfully cream not white, and it definitely stood out at our fairly simple wedding. I was very upset. It was a slap in the face, and honestly i have some insecurities about my looks.”

Let’s face it:

no one would like to be placed in a similar situation. The wedding day should be one of the most beautiful in a bride’s life, but for this bride it was turning into a nightmare. At least, until the groom had a brilliant idea to avenge her in an exemplary way.

It was certainly one of the most entertaining moments of the entire ceremony and the couple had a lot of fun, but not all users agreed with what had happeded and the web was divided into two opinions. Many took the side of the spouses, while others showed solidarity with the mother-in-law.

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”We got married young, neither of us could legally drink, and there are some alcohol issues in my family, so we decided to skip alcohol all together. I got some drinks about we should pour red wine on her, but alas their was no red wine.

Now I’m not saying this is the best solution, or his finest moment (though God damn it, I’m proud of him) but my husband finally had enough. She had snubbed me all evening and had an attitude. Before the cake cutting, he cut a very large piece and went over to where she was sitting, and just full on caked her in the face. It was glorious (and I’m not a fan of couples doing it) Her dad, who is the biggest enabler in the world laughed at her. Even her husband laughed at her. My husband, with his shiny spine, said “well, they told me it was time to cut the cake, and I thought you wanted to be the bride”

MIL honestly took it a bit better than I expected. She sort of shifted focus from hating me, to attacking her husband with cake for laughing at her. She ended up laughing it off eventually, but I still have the glorious imagine of when he first did it, her utter shock and fury. She had to walk out like that and everyone got a nice view of her. I’m not even mad that she turned it into a cake fight, because her husband is the one who put her up to wearing the dress, and apparently wanted to buy her a new one, because her dress was cream and not white, and he wanted her in full on bridal white (this man despises us)

Thankfully her husband got his dream job a few months later and they moved out of state. She can’t be bothered to call or visit, so we are almost completely no contact, except the occasional holiday at her parents house.”

What is your opinion on this? Did the son do right to make his mother pay for her insensitivity or would it have been better to postpone doing anything and continuing with the ceremony, ignoring her clear provocation?,

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