Mother and son heat up floor with wildly entertaining dance

There are plenty of ways a son can express his love to his mother, but one of the most fun is a celebratory wedding dance for all the guests to enjoy.

And this mother and son did not disappoint pulling of some slick moves that had the crowd cheering and enjoying every second with them.

This Was Anything But Traditional,Gabe and his mom took the dance floor with what started out to to be the traditional mother-son dance, but quickly the music changed and the crowd knew they were in for a delight.

And from the moves his mother displayed it’s quick to see where he inherited his dancing skills.

The dance comprised a mix of some of history’s greatest songs with the sickest of beats.

And the internet couldn’t have shown more support with comments like the one below:

YouTube Sensation

They started their dance waltzing off of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” until the tempo started to pick up at around nine seconds later with the timeless dance-pop hit single “Billy Jean” from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

These two had the floor to themselves as everyone else looked on with glee and astonishment.

A Sweet Back Flip

Both Gabe and his mother were throwing it down with everything they had, mainly Gabe due to his youth.

But it was Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” when the mother-son duo started to really tear it up, ‘on the floor’ no less.

To show people how much of a ball they were having, Gabe even pulled out a sweet back flip that he probably polished up on from all those gym classes.

And then lastly, came the sass attack with Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Oof, the estrogen levels were off the roof with this one with the hip movements (and smacking as well) and just how free-spirited the both of them looked here as well as the entire session.

In the end, the audience showered this adorable pair with all the cheers and love that they so rightly deserved followed by a sweet embrace between Gabe and his mom.

This was a really cute way display of the kind of love that a child should give to the one that brought them up since birth.

To top it off, it wasn’t anything over the top or promotional, just two family members having a great time doing what they probably love to do during their spare time.

Gabe and his mom put together a dance their guests will remember for a very long time and they certainly showed their appreciation by clapping and cheering them on.

The best part of the whole dance is not only did the guests have a great time, but the most fun of all was held by Gabe and his mother.

It’s such a contagious joy to see families having such a wonderful time together.

What below to see what the buzz is all about with their fun-spirited mother-son wedding dance.

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