Mom-to-be has ultrasound after 8 years of infertility, finds out she’s pregnant with more babies she’s ever hoped for

Mom-to-be has ultrasound after 8 years of infertility, finds out she’s pregnant with more babies she’s ever hoped for

The lovely couple Ashley and Tyson Gardner have always wanted to have kids, but it just seemed like it wasn’t meant to be for them. They’ve been struggling to conceive children for over eight years, and it’s been an incredibly stressful period for both of them.

Ashley and Tyson aren’t alone – it’s estimated that one in five couples have fertility issues.

However, Ashley and Tyson never gave up on their dream to expand their family.

Back in 2014, they decided to undergo an IVF therapy that would hopefully help them make their dream come true.

Both of them were very eager to learn whether the treatment worked or not, but were at the same time scared of hearing bad news.

When they went to the hospital, Tyson decided to film the moment when the doctors tell them whether the IVF treatment was successful or not because he really wanted to film his wife’s reaction in case they were told they would become parents. Tyson was somehow sure that it will work for the best this time, and he was right.

The so much-anticipated news finally came and the couple was over the moon.

Even the doctors were completely astounded when they saw the image because there was not just one baby on the screen. Not even two or three, but no less than four!

Ashley was pregnant with four children, two identical sets of twins.
“When we first found out we were having quadruplets, it was pure terror and pure joy at the same time,” Ashley said on her website.

Doctors said that Ashley’s pregnancy was sort of a miracle because it only occurs once in 70 million cases.

This was all overwhelming for the parents-to-be but they were more than happy to take on the role of mom and dad and start the adventure of parenthood along with their bundles of joy.

Carrying four babies wasn’t at all easy, but the thought of having them in her arms made Ashley pull through. Luckily, the delivery went smoothly and there were no complications.

Babies Evangeline, Indie, Esme and Scarlet said hi to the world and were perfectly healthy.

Learning of Ashley’s miraculous pregnancy, many media and TV shows picked up their story and invited them to be their guests.

People sent the Gardners their best wishes along with a bunch of clothes and other supplies for the babies as they were aware the family would have troubles covering all the expenses.


“My heart was truly touched by the amount of nappies and baby outfits that turned up by our door when they were born,” Ashley said. “There really are amazing, kind, good people out there and I’m so grateful to those who follow our story and love these babies.”

This family is definitely one of the most adorable we’ve ever met. The little girls are cute beyond words and are lucky to have such caring and loving parents like Ashley and Tyson.,

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