Mom shares warning after seatbelt slices 6-year-old daughter’s stomach open

As parents, we always do our best to keep our children away from harm and strife.

Of course, that’s not always possible. Try as we might to protect them, the world is full of dangers, some that present themselves when you least expect them.

A concerned mom has a warning for all parents after a seatbelt cut her 6-year-old daughter’s stomach open during a car accident back in September, 2016.

Credit: GoFund Me

According to CBS News, Samantha Swartout was riding in the back seat of her dad’s car when their vehicle veered off the road and crashed into a tree.

The impact of the collision caused the seatbelt to dig so far into Samantha’s abdomen that it opened her up.

Samantha’s mom, Shelly Martin, explained the severity of her daughter’s injury. “Her intestines were out on scene on the left side,” she said.

Credit: GoFund Me

Furthermore, the mom, of Richmond, Virginia, said the injuries, which included a concussion, a deep cut in her belly, and stitches in Samantha’s forehead, could have been prevented if the girl had still been in a booster seat.

“She would not have been this hurt in a booster,” Martin said. “Don’t think that just because your child is 7 or 8 years that they are too big… they aren’t!”

Samantha spent three weeks in hospital before being released. It’s her mom’s aim to raise awareness of the potential benefits of booster seats. She hopes no child has to endure what Samantha did.

Indeed, if we can prevent another child from experiencing the horror of what Samantha went through, this article will be worth it.

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