Mom of 4 that must move family into car discovers coworker secretly raising money for her family

Mom of 4 that must move family into car discovers coworker secretly raising money for her family

There’s no place like home, home is where the heart is, home sweet home, home is not a place- it’s a feeling. These quotes about home show just how special home is to us as people. It’s a place that provides us with safety surrounded by the comfort of our family.

Kenia Madrigal is a woman living in Houston. She recently lost her job and, unable to pay the rent, she and her four children were evicted from their home. An already difficult situation that was made even more complicated by the fact that it occurred during the time of the pandemic.

So, she and her children ended up living in the small SUV they own for more than two months in the summer.

Kenya said she had a very difficult time: “My children and I live in the car. At night I take the car seats out and we lie down in the car seats. A very uncomfortable situation that doesn’t allow us to rest well. But what was wrong,” continued the woman, “was knowing that my children would miss many school days. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a computer and a strong enough Internet connection in the car.

However, Kenia knew this couldn’t go on forever, so she kept looking for a solution, but it was all in vain. Although she got a new job, her $11.5/hour was not enough to pay for a house .

But then the magic happened.

Chelsea Monroe is a colleague of Kenia’s who, upon learning of the woman’s plight, decided to get to work. She started a crowdfunding campaign to raise $800 to donate to her colleague to allow her to rent a house.

What was surprising was the response from a large number of users. Perfect strangers who took Kenia’s situation seriously and provided small to large sums of money to help her. But, thanks to selfless donors, more than $74,000 has been raised so far.

“I have to thank my colleague, even if I still don’t believe it. – said the woman, “How is it possible that so many people have the kindness to help a perfect stranger? I didn’t think that in the world there could be people with such big hearts. But now I know and I am grateful.”

A gesture of generosity that makes us smile and makes us believe that the world, despite its many flaws, is a good place to live. There are many good people, perhaps they are well hidden. It is up to us, then, to sharpen our eyes to recognize and appreciate them.

Let’s hope that Kenia and her children will feel empowered and stronger than ever after this adventure, and we are sure that they will never take having a home for granted from now on.

Hear Kenia’s full story in the video below.

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