Mom asks for prayers for daughter after boyfriend ‘shows his love’ by leaving her in coma

A heartbroken mother is pleading for prayers after her daughter fell victim to domestic violence that has left her in intensive care on life support.

As per Love What Matters, Cindy Martin-Wolfe has urged the public to keep her daughter Jessica in their thoughts. She also wants to send a warning to those over the potential danger of violence within the household.

As Cindy explains to Love What Matters, Jessica was strangled to death and left covered in bruises. It took EMT’s three tries to get her heart beating again, but even then she couldn’t breathe on her own.

Credit: Cindy Martin-Wolfe

“I am at the San Francisco Trauma Hospital with my middle daughter, Jessica,” Cindy explained. “She is in intensive care on life support as a result of Domestic Violence.”

She continued: “They will slowly warm her up while monitoring her brain. When possible, they will slowly wake her to see how much damage has been done. This is how her ‘boyfriend’, shows her he loves her.

He is on the run; her children are in CPS custody. I will go to court to get them on Friday. Our family is devastated, waiting to see if we will have our beautiful lady back.

Cindy Martin-Wolfe

We all must do more together.

“We must stop this horror.

Indeed, we do need to do more together. Domestic violence is a serious blight on society, and one that needs to be eradicated by any means possible.

As per Love What Matters, Cindy finished: “Please keep Jessica, and our family in prayers.

Thank you all from my heart to yours.

Cindy Martin-Wolfe

I am sharing pictures of her to be shared with any girls who may be dealing with this or headed in this direction. She would want to show them what they are facing.

Thank you.”

Cindy, all our thoughts and prayers are with Jessica today. We hope she pulls through and makes a recovery.

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