Mix salt with olive oil, and see what happens to your neck and spine in the next 5 years

Mix salt with olive oil, and see what happens to your neck and spine in the next 5 years.

As a very common medical condition, osteochondritis of the neck and spine have some serious health implications if it is left untreated. People who are experiencing this condition know how difficult it can be to get rid of the pain. But, this condition is treatable. With this natural remedy the pain will go away and stay away for years to come. In order to prepare this remedy, you just need some olive oil and sea salt. This is the detail:


– 10 tablespoons salt
– 20 tablespoons unrefined sunflower of olive oil


Make a mixture of the ingredients and pour the mix in a glass bottle. Store it away for a few days until you get a light mixture.

When the mixture is ready, massage the affected area for 2-3 minutes the first day. You should add another 2-3 minutes on your massage every day up until you reach 20 minutes. By using a wet towel, gently remove the excess oil from your skin. This process may cause small skin irritation, so after the massage, wipe the skin with a dry cloth and sprinkle with children’s powder. The treatment should last for about 10 days.

As a result of 10-day treatment your blood circulation will be improved, muscle and bone tissue will start regenerating; it will renew the cervical spine blood flow, improve your vision and eliminate headaches. This method is related to the fact that your body is clean of toxin, which normalizes your metabolism. You may feel a little dizziness and drowsiness during the process. There are no other side-effects, only the amazing benefits that are above.

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