Miracle remedies that make fleas and ticks disappear from your home and pets

Many pet owners and animal lovers who wouldn’t hurt a fly are happy to make an exception for fleas and ticks.

Although flea and tick medications are the most effective preventative strategies that you can use during tick and flea season, some people are likely tempted to try home remedies and alternative methods for tick and flea removal.

The problem is that these flea and tick removal methods don’t work. And on top of that, some can be harmful or create other health issues.

Here are nine common home remedies for fleas and ticks that are not only ineffective but also detrimental to your pet’s health.

Remedy for ticks

– Citrus: Prepare a little water with some citrus;such as lemon, orange or grapefruit.Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and bathe your pet with it, you will achieve remove ticks.
– Apple cider vinegar: You can spread a washcloth with apple cider vinegar and apply it as we indicate with alcohol and oil.
– Alcohol and oil: Mix in a bowl, two parts alcohol and edible oil.Upon returning from a trip abroad, you should check your pet in areas you indicated above, if you notice any of these insects, soak a cloth with this mixture on your pet and slide until it comes off.Once you extract you must burn the tick with a match, very carefully so as not to cause harm to yourself.

Remedies for fleas

– Garlic and yeast: If you add to previous infusion a hint of garlic or yeast will prevent fleas return because the smell scare them away.
– Infusion of pennyroyal: Make an infusion of pennyroyal and add it in an atomizer, spread it on your pet to kill fleas.
– Alcohol and detergent: Mix ¼ cup of alcohol with 6 drops of liquid detergent, bathe your pet with this shampoo. This mixture can help greatly to eliminate fleas.

In addition, you should keep in mind is that if the grooming your pet has bitten notes that one of these animals; it is important to spread a moisturizing cream on the wound. Infection of these wounds can greatly complicate the health of your pet.

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