Men Show Their Love Through Actions, Not Words. Here Are 10 Ways Men Show Their Love

Love is a complex emotion. There are no hard and fast rules, no guidebook you can follow except your heart. Men have been taught not to be “too emotional” as that quality is typically associated with women. This gender stereotyping has resulted in a larger problem, where men cannot express what they feel and women fail to comprehend their intentions. However, men show their love through actions. After all, action speaks louder than empty words.

Here are some ways men show their love through actions:

1. He Brings You Around His Friends And Family

When he starts to show you off proudly to his friends and family, it is a sign that he loves you and he is serious about you. He wants to make you an important part of his life, and he wants everyone to see how happy you make him feel.

2. He Always Stays In Touch

When you love someone, you want to stay with them, irrespective of the distance. If your man calls you without any apparent need, just to check on you, he is definitely in love.

3. He Stays Physically Close To You

It may be just him keeping his arm around you, or hugging you unexpectedly, or just lying on the couch and cuddling. His attempts to stay physically connected to you are a clear sign that he wants you to be close to him because he loves your company.

4. Compromise Is The Key

A relationship cannot survive without adjustment and compromise, but it should not be one-sided. If he is willing to look beyond his own interests for your sake, he is madly in love.

5. He Doesn’t Care What You Do, As Long As You Are Together

He won’t care if he has to go with you at the groceries or to keep you company when you have to choose a birthday present for your friend because he wants to spend as much time with you as possible. When a man loves you, everything you do is exciting to him and he wants to be a part of it.

6. He Listens To You

Men are terrible listeners. If he pays heed to small things like your favorite dish, color or song – he is totally into you. Men only try to remember dates if they are really interested.

7. He Asks For Your Advice

When a man sees you as his life partner he will take your opinions seriously. Your thoughts will matter to him because you matter to him as well.

8. He Learns From You

Loving is a process of growing together, discovering and learning new things every day. There are certain things you do and he tends to do the same. He even replicates gestures. These are signs of love.

9. He Will Go Pick Up Your Dry Cleaning

Or any other thing that you ask him to. He will go out of his way to help you out with everyday things. On the other hand, a man who is not serious about you, won’t even stick around often nor will he be willing to do any of those things.

10. He Puts A Lot Of Thought Into The Gifts He Gives You

Whether it is a present you have always wanted or someplace you said you’ve always wanted to visit – a man who truly loves you will try to give you something that is valuable to you because he pays attention to your words and knows you well.

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