Maybe You Don’t Know These Habits Are Damaging Your Gut Health As You Age


The human gut is home to over 100 trillion bacteria, known as the “gut flora.” Having a healthy gut flora is incredibly important for your overall health, especially as you age and grow older. In general, small shifts should be made when it comes to taking your self-care to the next level.

Oral hygiene or maybe a good skin care routine might help. Seeing specific doctors and getting check ups is definitely a must, or getting a good night sleep to recharge, hydrating your body, etc.

But there is one necessary step that has to happen if you want to have good health, because anything else you do would not show if your gut is not healthy.

The first thing you might be doing that could jeopardize your gut health is not getting enough exercise.

According to studies, exercise is closely related to your gut health and the multifunction of it. When you grow older obviously the capacities of your body will change, this means that so will your gut health.

In order to make sure your gut health is proper, experts are saying that
you should start thinking about feeding the gut microbes exactly how you would think about feeding the human self.

Think of it like a vintage game, the one you need to feed and take care of, otherwise it would perish, the same goes for your gut health.

When talking about gut health, we obviously talk about the food you put into your gut, so if you are not eating the right things, you are not helping your gut health be at its best.

Exercise alone is definitely not enough to keep you on track, experts say that you also need to be getting good fiber intake in your system.

A good place to start would be with a professional as they would be able to provide you with good diets and routines until you get the hang of it.

However, if you want to do it on your own then make sure you do the most extensive research possible before attempting anything, and always listen to your gut, literally.


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