Man who won over $5M didn’t give any money to his family, “Am I a jerk?”

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you still share the wealth then? Would you share money with your family members or keep it for yourself?

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For this man, he decided to keep his money for himself and then he was left with a million-dollar question: is he a jerk?

He took his dilemma to Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole (AITA)” community. He wrote:

This Reddit post has gained a lot of attention from the fellow users. Accordingly, many Redditors immediately jumped at the chance to back his decision.

One wrote: “You’re no longer welcome in the family because you didn’t give them your money? The entitlement is nauseating. NTA,”

Another wrote that, if anything, the Redditor’s family should be happy for them.

“Your family has shown you that blood is not thicker than money,” one wrote.

“This. 100% this. I’d just be happy for one of my family members to be able to enjoy life outside of the rat race. Most of us just work till we die.”, another added.

Although people sided with the Redditor, some people shared that they would’ve given their family some money.

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One user commented: “This is all entirely dependant on how much you like your family. For instance, “Personally, I would have thrown my family at least 100k each as a one-time payment,”

In the end, it’s pretty clear to see that money can be a burden!

Source: Reddit

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