Man Walks Out of The Delivery Room After His Fiancée Yells Out for Her Ex While Giving Birth

One man became mortified and crushed when his fiancée was giving birth and yelled out for another man. He took to Reddit to share his story. 

This man’s Reddit post immdediately received a lot of attention from fellow users who left their thoughts in the comment section.

“Man they’ve been dating for 8 months and already having a baby. She’s obviously not over her ex,”

“This relationship is not going to work out and marriage is not about to fix anything.”

“Yeah it’s pretty telling that the fiancé isn’t on the list but her d.e.c.e.a.s.e.d ex is. Normally I’d say you are but these … are not normal circumstances.”

“Your. Fiance. Is. So. Wrong. She’s projecting some serious guilt onto you and do not take that crap. She has the unmitigated gall to be upset at you and has taken no responsibility for what she did/said.

OP, you need to slow your roll on the wedding. Your fiance is not over her ex. At best you are a place holder. At worst, a sperm donor. You had no way of knowing before the delivery date that she was this damaged. You know now. Tread carefully.”

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“Her fiancé d.i.e.d. Her not being over that is not a surprise, or something to fault her for,”

“OP is being ridiculous for feeling threatened that she visits her dead Ex’s grave and still has their rings. He should be supportive of that if he wants to be with her since it’s not unlikely that she’ll never get over it.”

“I’m surprised I haven’t read anything about addressing her serious grief problem,”

“She might be suffering from prolonged grief which could be warping her perception and ability to prioritise things clearly or process emotions healthily. You are not enough for her to move on from this; she’ll need to address this internally and she needs guidance from someone experienced in this field.”

“A deceased partner is not an ex. She needs therapy, but expecting her to be over her d.e.a.d fiance in the same way you would be over an ex and calling him an ex is unreasonable. It is different.”

“I don’t know if I should be saying this but I think that she’s punishing me by taking my son and refusing to stay [with me],”

“I don’t know if I was pressuring her but she just won’t let go of what happened and keeps blaming me,”

What about you? Can you share what you think?

Source: Reddit

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