Man Saves A Dog Hit By Car And Then Let Him Become A Family Member

Stray dog who was hit by car didn’t expect that his rescuer will take him to his forever home

Eddie Harry snappily went to help an injured doggy he plant near his home. She was on the verge of death, but the fate had another opinion.


Eddie wrote online that he originally picked up the canine, who got hit by a vehicle, intending to take her to pass down in peace in a nice place.

He also added that he wasn’t suitable to take her to a warhorse clinic as in Venezuela they’re are no no stagers that work past 1800, and he plant her at 2100 on Tuesday, and Wednesday was vacation! So, he just wanted this dog to feel loved after her death.


Still, after seeing a veritable bad bump on the canine’s cranium, Eddie decided to take the 1.5-month-old doggy home with home in expedients he could treat her. Thankfully, the canine, who was named Olaya, is now 3 months old and is a member of Eddie’s family. What a happy ending!
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