Man realizes mother cow desperate to receive his help

Animals are incredible, they’re also really smart, and just like us, they try to protect their young.

When this man was enjoying an ordinary day of filming cows, he began to realize something strange going on with one cow.

That’s when it dawned on him, the cow wanted help with something.

The cow asks this man to help with her calf that’s in distress, her alert gets his attention and he saves the tiny calf’s life!

Dave thought he was just filming cows on a regular day until one cow alerted him to a calf that was in need.

While Dave was filming a group of cows cooling off on a hot day, he noticed one cow was acting very uneasy.

At first, he thought maybe she was just an angry cow, but after a while realized something else was going on.

When he walked over to check it out, he saw something that needed immediate attention. No wonder this cow was frantic, her baby needed help right away and it wasn’t good.

Underneath the electric fence was a malnourished calf, he had slid under the fence when his mom gave birth and was stuck.

The poor baby calf was helplessly lying there, hungry and over-heating.

Dave had to do something quickly or the calf wouldn’t make it. It was a tricky situation, being shocked by an electric fence is not fun.

There was also the fact that cows are very protective of their young.

He knew he needed to help, but he also needed to make sure not to make the momma cow upset.

Carefully, Dave used a stick to lift the electric fence while gently pushing the calf back through to the side his mom was on.

At one point it looked like the cow might charge as she scraped her hooves against the ground.

In a matter of seconds, the situation is fixed and he calf returned to his mother. Had Dave not randomly come along that day, the calf might not have made it.

Thanks to Dave, the calf is alive and well.

The momma cows name is Flo, I’m sure she is very grateful for Dave, but she also deserves some credit for alerting Dave to her youngin’ in need.

Now, the little guy is healthy as can be, thanks to his guardian angel, Dave.

The hero even came back to see his cow friends, they seem to know who he is and welcome him back.

Dave showed some serious courage risking his own safety in order to save this calf.

Even when the momma cow got a little aggressive, Dave stood his ground and helped the baby. To see the rescue, watch the video below!

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