Man Poked Holes In C.o.n.d.o.m To Make Wife Pregnant Then Forced Her To Keep The Baby When She Didn’t Want Kids

The husband decided to do so despite knowing his wife was completely against it.
Couples should ideally be on the same page especially when they want to have children. While many people are certain that they want to expand their family, there are many others who prefer to remain child-free. However, when couples are at odds when it comes to having children, things can get very ugly, very quickly. This is exactly what happened to this woman.

The woman took to Reddit to share her story of her husband. Accordingly, he tampered with the c.o.n.d.o.m, just so she could bear a child and forced her to keep it. She wrote:

“I(24f) have a husband(30m) and a new born child.

My husband admitted to wanting a child knowing I didn’t so he poked holes in his condoms hoping to get me pregnant. When I found out I was he claimed that it must be meant to be since we took all of the precautions we could. I wanted to a.b.o.r.t but he got mad and told me that I’m not his child.

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When he told me what He did I started crying that he put me through so much pain during the pregnancy and r.i.s.k.e.d my life(almost bled out) instead of finding someone who wants kids. I’m not sure what to do, I need advice”.

What advice do you give this woman?

Source: Reddit

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