Man f.a.k.e.d his identity as his smart twin brother to enter university while his brother worked at a cement factory. 4 years later, their fates took an unexpected twist

Man faked his identity as his smart twin brother to enter university while his brother worked at a cement factory. 4 years later, their fates took an unexpected twist

There was once a pair of identical twin brothers, Alex and Andy. They looked exactly the same; from their haircuts to their heights, one could have a hard time to tell them apart.

However, their personalities were complete opposites.

While Alex, the older of the twins was reserved and naive, his younger brother, Andy was very outgoing and talkative

Alex had a difficulty to struck a conversation with strangers, but Andy could easily make new friends with his friendly attitude and he never had problem to express his mind and ideas with his eloquent words.

One day, they both took an admission test to the university

When the results came out, Alex passed the test. Unfortunately, Andy did not as he was short of two points from the pass mark. In the end, Alex gave up the university entrance exam for Andy, but the incident that happened later made no one expected.

Meanwhile, Alex told their parents that he got accepted into the university as he passed the admission test. However, their father decided that it was best for Andy to take up Alex’s place instead. “Let Andy go to the university instead. He’s got potential in academic area,” their father said to Alex.

Being a devoted son like he had always been, Alex agreed with their father’s decision. He then gave the his offer letter to Andy. “This is not a ticket to heaven. Don’t expect too much from it,” Alex said to Andy.

“What do you mean?” Andy replied to his brother.

“This is nothing more than a capitalist’s way to make us spend money,” Alex said.

Hearing Alex’s reply, Andy could only shake his head and laugh at his brother’s words. This is definitely a golden ticket for him to be successful. After all, education is very important for one’s success, right?

Soon, Andy went to the university while Alex stayed at home, taking care of their old parents. He then began to work at a cement factory nearby their house. He was in charge to crush stones which then be used in the cement mix. Surprisingly, he was good at his job.

He even modified the machine that was used to crush the stone

As Alex performed well at his job, his manager decided to move him to a better job position, the production line. From his observation, Alex realised that many of his fellow colleagues fell ill due to the unsafe work environment of the factory.

Many of the workers suffered from respiratory diseases due to the inhalation of silica dust during production. Alex and some of his colleagues teamed up to improve their work environment of which they proposed to the manager to implement strict rules about wearing the right safety tools and uniform when handling the raw materials.

Subsequently, Alex then promoted to a higher position. This time, he was moved to the research department where he began to read a lot about the cement industry. He also went to other factories where he learned new skills and the latest update about the industry.

Soon, with all the skills he learned and the knowledge he got from the reading, he managed to improve the quality of cement that his factory produced

Thanks to his good performance and innovative ideas, he earned a good reputation in the factory and in the construction industry.

He quickly became a prominent figure in the industry

Andy, after entering the university for the first year, still studied hard, sometimes writing letters home to inquire about his father’s illness. In the second year, he got to know a rich girl and daughter, both of them fell in love. This girl is like a bank where he can’t run out of money even if he spends forever, within 2 years he doesn’t need a dime of the family, and has changed into a very stylish person.

In the 4th year of university, her rich lover “bye bye” her younger brother. Andy was extremely miserable, all day he only went online, looking for entertainment, did not have the will to study and take exams, he relied on plagiarism, and finally got a university degree.

Andy, after holding a university degree, went to the city near his hometown to apply for a job. Because of his pride, he didn’t want to go back to his parents while still empty-handed and unemployed. Through the job placement center, he went to a large building materials company to find a job. It was not easy for him to pass 3 rounds of interviews, and finally to the interview round at the leadership room.

When it was his turn, the leader still didn’t show up, then the secretary came over and told him that he was accepted, but there was a condition that he had to start work at the factory as a worker.

He then asked the secretary to meet the director of the company. To his surprise, the secretary then passed him a piece of paper. “This is from the director,” the secretary said to Andy who then read the paper: “If you want to go to the heaven, then you must be willing to go to the hell first. Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Andy felt furious when he read the director’s short reply. He wanted to confront the director for not letting him to work according to his qualification. However, as soon as he walked into the director’s room, he became speechless.

There in the director’s seat was actually his brother, Alex, smiling at him!

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