Man Drives 2,800 Miles To Save Pit Bull From Being Put Down

 This dog was up for adoption but when this man learned that he was on the shelter’s kill list, he started driving 2,800 miles cross-country to save him. They had an instant connection – A touching moment!

Mario Rodriguez has had hole bulls his whole life. Rodriguez absolutely loves the strain — every hole bull he has ever had has been as sweet as can be. 



 In 2018, Rodriguez lost his cherished hole bull King. Rodriguez had loved King further than anything, and he was devastated by his loss. 


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“ It felt like a part of my soul left with him,” he told The Dodo. “ I could n’t save him, but I ’m gon na save a couple for him.” 



 In August 2018, Rodriguez was making a delivery in California when he entered a textbook from his woman. She transferred him a link to a hole bull who was over for relinquishment in New York. 

Rodriguez fell in love with the hole bull, Hickory, the first moment he saw him. Rodriguez incontinently decided that he wanted to borrow this sweet canine. That feeling got indeed more critical when he learned that Hickory was on the sanctum’s kill list. 

Rodriguez communicated his employer, and thankfully, they were suitable to record a delivery route for him that went through New York. Also, Rodriguez started driving the country milescross-country. He called the sanctum and told them he was coming, but he was still alarmed they would euthanize Hickory before he got there. 


 “ I was pushing through business and calling the sanctum every single day, and by the third day, they knew my number,” Rodriguez said. “ They were like,‘He’s still then, Mario, he’s still then! ’” 


 Eventually, after six days ofnon-stop driving, Rodriguez reached the ACC Sanctum in Brooklyn. Hickory was staying in his kennel. 

 “ I situated my truck and rushed outside,” Rodriguez said. “ As soon as Hickory saw me, he literally nearly jumped through the kennel door. I said,‘That’s it, chum! We ’re going home! ’” 



 Rodriguez was amazed by how snappily Hickory clicked with him. It nearly sounded like the canine had been staying for him! 

“ It just looked like he was awaiting me,” Rodriguez said. “ It was so weird. We had an instant connection. I ’ve noway had a canine get attached to me that snappily in my whole life.” 


 After filling out all the relinquishment paperwork, Rodriguez and Hickory headed for Rodriguez’s home in Georgia. As they drove down the East Coast, the brace clicked indeed more. Rodriguez was so happy that he drove across the country to save Hickory — it was clear the two of them were meant to be together. 



 When Rodriguez got home to Georgia, he introduced Hickory to his two other hole bulls, Cooper and Angel. The three sisters all got on, and they snappily started playing together. 


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 Soon, it was time for Rodriguez to hit the road again. Since Hickory and Rodriguez were so clicked, the family decided that Hickory should be hisco-pilot. Hickory loved the idea! 


 Hickory has now been with Rodriguez for about six months, and he’s loving his life on the road. Hickory enjoys seeing the country with his pater, and he’s also a big addict of barking at all the cows and nags they pass. 


 Rodriguez is planning to retire in about five to six times, and his dream is to start a hole bull deliverance. For now, however, he and Rodriguez are simply enjoying their life on the road together. If you want to see further prints of Hickory exploring theU.S, check out his Facebook runner! 

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