Loretta Lynn shares devastating news as her ranch foreman Wayne Spears passes away

If you are a fan of Loretta Lynn you will know that she’s an iconic legendary singer the country ever had and throughout her life, she has been witnessing several tragedies. It was first her eldest son John, daughter Betty sue Lynn, and after her husband Oliver Doo Lynn, she always endured all and came out stronger than we all thought.


Another tragedy struck again as Loretta Lynn shares the news of the death of her ranch spearmen Wayne Spears, who passed away in the tensesse floods last week.

Looking at the early life of Loretta Lynn, she was born April 14, 1932, in Butcher Hollow. She was the second child among eight children; her father was a coal miner who died of lung diseases.

Loretta Lynn with family

She got married to her first husband Oliver Doo Lynn when she was 15 years old and 4 children before the age of 20 and worked hard to keep the family working.

Living as a young mother wasn’t easy and her husband was also walking round the clock to keep the family running. Loretta had to clean a farmhouse and also ranches before she started singing.

Her life was tough and that was one of the inspirations she needed for her music; in her 2002 memoir, she mentioned her husband was alcoholic and it affected their marriage all through.


She started her music career and her husband was supportive all through. She started as a guitar tutor and then playing at local venues.

Her breakthrough started with ”I’m a honky-tonk girl”; she can remember writing the song when leaning against the toilet in Washington state. The song led her to fame and she signed a contract with legendary Decca records; her debut song was so successful that it appeared on Grand Ole Opry.

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Loretta has had a string of successful albums throughout the 1960s and they were quite controversial as they exposed the taboos in her countryside.

In 2010 she got a Grammy award amidst other numerous awards she won. She has been through a lot throughout her career journey and is now recognized as a legendary singer. Her life has witnessed a lot of tragedies, ranging from her son, daughter to her husband.

Last week she announced the death of her Ranchman and we all wish her the best and may she come back waxing stronger after getting over her loss. We wish you the best Loretta Lynn.

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