Little Johnny Ran To His Daddy Shouting. –


Little Johnny ran to his daddy shouting,

“Daddy, daddy, can you believe it? I am expecting another A plus in today’s exam!!”

“Oh really?” replied the daddy.

“Yes. It was just one simple 20 marks question. it was easy!!”

“Okay, what was the question about?”

“It was about the difference between a salon and a barbershop.”

“Okay, so how did you answer it?”

“I wrote that a salon is in Sandstone Building Room number 207 while a Barbershop is in Civiburg Flat Room number 113.”

“Is that all you wrote?”


“Have you already submitted it already?”


“Do you want to know how many marks I would have given you out of that twenty if I were the teacher?”


“Six! I’d give you six marks only just for the effort. So I am going to cut down your pocket money to half because of your foolishness.”

“That’s not fair daddy ….”

“Not fair? You wanna talk about being fair?” he said infuriated,

“do you even appreciate how your mom’s salon and my barbershop are paying your school fees, giving you pocket money and filling your tammy every day?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then why didn’t you put your mom’s phone number on the salon and my phone number on the barbershop so that your teachers may also be able to reach us even when we’re closed? That’s how you increase the benefits!”

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