Little Johnny Is Sat In His Back Garden. –


Little Johnny is sat in his back garden, when his grandad comes out.

‘Grandad,I’m Bored”. says Jonny

‘I’ll tell you what then’ says Grandad.

He picks a worm up from the lawn and says to Jonny.

‘If you can get this worm back into its worm hole then I’ll give you £10, that should keep you occupied ‘.

Little Jonny thinks for a while then goes upstairs to his mother’s bedroom.

He comes back with a can of hair spray.

He puts his foot on one end of the worm and stretches it out as far as it will go .

Then he sprays the worm with hair spray, waits for a minute then let’s go of the worm ,and it is straight and rigid.

Then Jonny slips the worm into its worm hole.

Grandad is super surprised and gives Jonny £10

The next day Jonny is in the garden again and Grandad comes out and gives Jonny another £10.

‘Whats this for Grandad? ‘

‘Thats from your grandma ‘ replies Grandad.’

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