Little girl has hilarious theory on Virgin Mary’s First Christmas

While everyone gets jolly around Christmas time, the season holds particular importance for children.

With no worries of holiday bills or working off the festive belt line, it seems that there’s no better time of year to be a kid!

Christmas is after only Easter and Halloween for candy consumption. But Christmas can do one better…presents.

Jimmy Kimmel, renowned funny man and esteemed talk-show host decided to dive a little bit deeper into a child’s experience of Christmas…

…by quizzing them spontaneously on the street. As Jimmy explains:

“Christmas is a lot of fun for most people but especially for kids. Kids love Christmas, they love the presents, they love the candy canes… really mostly they love the presents!

But I wonder if they know why we celebrate this day, so we went out on the street and we asked children to tell us the story of Christmas”

The results are adorable and hilarious!

Who was born on the first day of Christmas?

This seems like an easy enough question? It may not be quite so straightforward, when children see so many narratives surrounding Christmas.

Was it Jesus? Was it Santa? Someone else altogether?


No young man, “Jack the skeleton guy” from The Nightmare Before Christmas is not the correct answer! Good guess though!

What about this one:

Who was the Virgin Mary?

If you say Jesus’ mother, you would be correct!

If however, you say “Jesus’ Aunt” you would be incorrect, but in this case, adorable. One young girl is struggling with the holy family dynamic just a little bit.

Let’s try another question shall we?

Who was Joseph?

Apparently this question isn’t so straightforward either…

This adorable young girl has a rather complicated take on the ins-and-outs of nativity relationships.

“Joseph, he was um, he got married to Mary but he got like, they didn’t really want to be together and they um, she started to go with God.”

I’m not really sure what any of that was supposed to mean, but there are a few more twists in there than I remember!

Filming on the street comes with a few dangers of its own!

This boy nearly gets run over, but not by a reindeer. Rather, a low-flying skater boosting it down Hollywood Boulevard.

He doesn’t seem bothered however, he just casually looks over his shoulder, cool as ice.

Now maybe it’s time to see what this child knows about Christmas:

He mentions that according to the story, the Three Wise Men brought frankincense, myrrh and gold to the baby Jesus.

When asked what frankincense is, our little guy didn’t have so many words, but a very concise gesture:

You should see his response when asked what gold is!

To be fair, it’s not every day you come across frankincense…or myrrh. To be honest it’s not every day most of us come by gold either!

Watch below to see more hilarious responses from these and other adorable (and apparently impressionable) young ones!

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