Linda Kozlowski and the film industry

We all know the famous Linda Kozlowski from the movie “Crocodile Dundee” Linda became popular all over the world by the role which she played in crocodile Dundee. The actress gazed alongside Paul Hogan and both of them embarked on a beautiful voyage together of love after the film. But agonizingly they both divorced in 2014.

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The couple had one son. Since then she has found love once again and had a new way of life As we know, every actress has a dream to put fire to the Industry by her performance which will opportunity doors for further work and success.

Almost we all have noticed in the film industry, when an actor or actress gets famous for a particular role, we see them performing the same role in their upcoming movies but it doesn’t mean that fame is guaranteed. But some of them don’t continue it.

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Linda Kozlowski is one of them In the movie Crocodile, Linda got her breakthrough in 1986 and became a star around the world. But she suddenly disappeared after three Dundeee flounders Coffey and has no plans on returning to the industry.

She told “I don’t miss acting because my life is so full now. Reality is better than make-believe. She stated “one thing I always hated about acting was that it got in the way of having an adventurous life ”


Linda Kozlowski was born in 1958 at Fairfield. Linda had a passion for acting in the y days but later on, decided to make her career I t” you had to stick around LA and wait for work Now I am rejoicing in my freedom. I think acting helped developed my intuition, which is essential to my new endeavor as so much of what I do is based on reading people and instinctively catering to their needs”.

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